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Welcome to Free Bitcoin Club!

Find all you need to know about Bitcoin. Learn how to get or earn easy free Bitcoins. We have an excellent selection of Bitcoin Faucets and a Xapo Rotator. All safe and without mallicious software. It is all realy easy and free.

Find out how easy it is!

To start, all you need is a wallet. This is the sofware you need to send, receive and keep your Bitcoins. There are several types. It would also be wise to learn a bit about some risks and safety, diffrent types of wallets provide.
Read the guide on how to get your first Bitcoin Wallet and free bits.

Bitcoin explained!

Bitcoin is a digital currency, also called Cryptocurrency. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority or banks. Anyone can own, send and receive Bitcoins. It's as easy as sending an E-mail. There is no technical expertise needed.

Find the best Faucets!

We have a list of the best faucets online. Only good paying and stable faucets get on this list.

Our Xapo Rotator is realy easy to use. It has, as its name suggests, only Xapo faucets. Use your Xapo email to build up your free Bitcoin wallet.


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